I decided to start this blog to document our progress on our RV-10 project. So what's the current state? Well, we haven't built or ordered anything at this point - we're in a planning stage, where I'm reading as much as I can about the plane, about building (since it's my first homebuilt) and about all the possible available components and mods for the RV-10, so when we do get started, it'll go more smoothly. Also, given that I'll soon be moving to the US, it makes a lot more sense to only start building once I'm established there.

That leads me to the one thing that's decided - the fact that it's going to be an RV-10 from Vans. This is for two main reasons: first, it's a plane that many people have built and customized, so there's a lot of information and mod kits/parts available for it; also, the specs make it look like an awesome cross-country plane, which is what I'd like from it (I was previously considering buying a Cirrus or Diamond). Other options I considered were the RV-8 (for its acro capability), the Lancairs (look awesome, but more expensive and more complex to build) and the Thunder Mustang (racing plane, way too much for a first project, I don't feel confident to fly something I'm going to built at 160kt, let alone 250-300kt).

My main source of information so far has been, besides Google, the Vans Air Force forums, and many things referenced or linked from there.

I'll be making more posts about each specific thing I researched, probably with tons of links.

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