Chris's RV10

I found someone at work (Chris) who's already building his RV10, so today we went to his place to see his project.

He's still in the first stages, building the tail - luckily for us, he had made a mistake and discarded one metal part, so using that scrap part he showed us many of the techniques we'll need for the job, such as dimpling, deburring, riveting, sanding, priming, and all the tools involved. He also recommended that we take the course at Aircrafters to learn all that properly. I finally got to take a look at the empennage plans (since there are no preview plans available from Vans) and know what to expect from them.

Given what we saw, I now understand where those 3-4 thousand estimated build hours come from :) though it does appear to be a lot to fun. We're looking forward to it.

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