Cabin cover edge work

After attaching the cabin cover with resin/flox, it quickly became apparent that protecting the aluminum with tape was a bad idea, as some of the tape actually got caught underneath the resin, and it took us many hours to get it removed:

Tape caught between the cabin cover and underlying structure :(

After digging all the out, we then filled the gap around the edge at a right angle to the aluminum, with resin and microballoons/cab-o-sil (this time using just packing tape, which was pretty easy to remove), then sanded it until it was actually at a right angle:

Cabin cover edge, filled with resin/micro

Sanding the cabin cover edge filling

Cabin cover edge, sanded down to a right angle

We then started the finishing of these edges, filling them:

Filling holes in cabin cover edge filling

Next we need more sanding (and filling, and sanding, and filling, and sanding...) to fully finish the edges, then prime and paint them (the tape we used also removed a lot of the cheap rattle-can paint we used on the aluminum, so that needs to be re-covered).

Time lapse:

Total cabin cover rivets: 160
Total cabin cover time: 152.6h

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