Rudder cables, pedals and brake system mostly installed

Another delayed post - last year we ran the rudder cables through the fuselage and tailcone:

Rudder cables entering the tailcone

Rudder cables attached with clamps near the tailcone exits

Rudder cables running from forward tunnel all the way to the tailcone

Rudder cables running from the pedals back through the tunnel

Rudder cable tips (temporarily) attached to the rudder

After an attempt at making my own brake hoses and getting OK but not great results, I decided to order them from Aircraft Specialty, and the difference is very clear:

Aircraft Specialty brake hoses

Aircraft Specialty hose (top) vs my previous attempt (bottom)

We test-installed those and the lengths matched perfectly for installing with the Beringer system:

Trial fitting of AS hoses between firewall and parking brake

After quite a while (to wait for a larger batch), I primed the ALIR bracket, as well as the parking brake cable attachment bracket from AS:

Primed ALIR and pedal bracket (along with other parts)

and then put it all together for good, including the rudder pedal itself:

All parts for attaching the parking brake and ALIR

Brackets, ALIR, parking brake and rudder pedal installed in place

Top view of pedal and brake parts

With this, the only remaining part of this section is attaching the hoses permanently and installing the brake fluid reservoir, which I'll do after the firewall insulation and some panel work are done.

Time lapse:

Total rudder pedal and brake system time: 12.4h

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