Baggage area conduits and floors installed

The baggage area is mostly complete! It was also great to get a break from sanding fiberglass.

I ran and temporarily attached all the conduits underneath the rear seat and baggage floors:

Conduit run through side walls and underneath baggage floors

Conduit run underneath rear seat floors and baggage floors

Conduit runs underneath baggage floor and into tailcone

Right-side conduit runs underneath rear seat floor and baggage floor

Conduit going underneath step and being tied away from the bolt

After over a year waiting, I finally received the GripLockTies that will fit through the Clickbonds, so I got to work attaching the conduits:

GripLockTies are here!

Conduit runs attached with GripLockTies

I then proceeded to install and rivet the floors:

Rear seat and baggage floors being lowered into place

Baggage floors fully riveted

The right floor angle definitely requires two people to rivet:

Right baggage floor angle riveted in place

And, finally, I riveted the door channels:

Door channels and cover riveted in place

With this, I can actually install the baggage door.

Time lapse:

Total baggage area rivets: 635
Total baggage area time: 55.7h

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