Forward fuselage countersinking, fuel pump shelf and primer

I continued by machine-countersinking the center section bulkhead to accept the skin dimples:

Machine-countersunk forward center section bulkhead holes
I also took advantage of not yet having the bottom skin on, in order to more easily attach and match-drill angles that make a shelf for the EFII install. I'm roughly following the instructions from the Aircraft Specialty hose kit, and may get the kit from them.

Aluminum angles to make a shelf for the EFII pumps

Leveling the two sides of the EFII shelf angles

We had done primer on the skins earlier in the month:

Forward fuselage bottom skin, scuffed but not yet primed

Forward fuselage bottom skin, primed

This weekend we then did another large batch of primer, to get all the parts that need to go on the skin, before the skin is attached to the forward ribs and firewall bulkhead:

Forward fuselage parts before primer

Primed forward fuselage parts

More primed forward fuselage parts

Next will be a lot of dimpling and riveting of those parts.

Time lapse:

Total forward fuselage bulkheads, ribs and bottom skin rivets: 0
Total forward fuselage bulkheads, ribs and bottom skin time: 70.2h

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