Mid-fuselage ribs riveting

I started riveting the mid-fuselage ribs that I had already primed:

Forward mid-fuselage ribs riveted to aft center section bulkhead
I specifically avoided riveting the two inboard ribs on the aft end, so that I can insert the heat tee and flap motor bracket later, when they're primed.

Most rivets were trivial, though some are later hidden behind other parts:

Flush rivets hidden behind other parts

Rear bulkhead side channel riveted to rear spar
I clecoed the other ribs to see what I'll need to do for passing the conduits to the tailcone:

Simulated conduit runs through the baggage area ribs
With that, I concluded that I also needed to use the lower hole (that goes below the step mountain bracket), so I enlarged those to 3/4":

Enlarged fuselage bulkhead hole for a conduit
For the flap motor, I'm using a non-standard motor which has a built-in position sensor and automatically stops at the end of the travel, so I first mounted the standard motor and found the right angles for the extremes:

Original flap motor at the retracted position

Fully-extended flap position marking
I then mounted the new motor and found a position it can sit in which will give roughly the same two extremes:

New flap motor matching the fully-extended flap angle
Next I have a lot of deburring to do so I can prime and rivet the rest of the ribs.

Time lapse:

Total mid-fuselage ribs rivets: 196
Total mid-fuselage ribs time: 40.5h

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