Aileron static wicks

Still following the Dayton-Granger recommended static wick placement for the RV-10, I measured and realized that I can indeed fit two wicks on the wingtips (though I'll likely want to use Clickbond nutplates to make that easier to attach). IThe third wing wick goes on the ailerons, and since the QB ailerons come fully built, I used #8 rivnuts:

Installing aileron rivnuts

The end result looks clean (which is a surprise given it was my first time installing rivnuts):

Rivnuts installed on the aileron

Static wick installed on the aileron

From my test on a piece of scrap before, I knew this would create a gap:

Rivet static wick installation test on scrap piece

I'll later either fill the gap with conductive cement or a strip of metal to ensure conductivity.

Time lapse:

Total aileron rivets (including the rivnuts): 4
Total aileron time: 2.1h

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