Tailcone mod chemicals

Over the last few months, we did some small tailcone mod tasks.
We used Clickbond CB9120s for running conduit through the tailcone:
including one vertically at the bulkhead to run the pitch trim/ELT cable down:
Vertical wire bundle attachment in place

Vertical wire bundle attachment for trim motor / ELT wires

Conduit attachment brackets in place along tailcone
More recently, since the sealant I purchased was getting close to expiration, we attached the NACA vents and static ports with sealant:
Applying sealant to NACA vents
NACA vent clecoed in place with sealant
NACA vent clecoed in place with sealant
Static port clecoed in place with sealant
Riveting those will have to wait - I was using a borrowed compressor which I had to return, and I won't get a new one until we're settled in the new house.

Time lapse:

Total tailcone time: 220.9h
Total tailcone rivets: 1826


  1. Trying to pull the plug(or at least that what it looked like) out of the tube was pretty funny in time lapse. Thanks for sharing your build.

    1. Hi Unknown! :)
      Do you mean around 5:00? That's mixing the two chemicals that come in the tube - you're supposed to twist the rod at least 50 times to mix.
      Glad you find it entertaining/useful :)