Tailcone bottom done!

Progress has been slow due to a number of other events (such as studying for my CPL-AMEL checkride), but we finally finished riveting the bottom part of the tailcone! Next step is to attach the aft deck:
No clecos on the bottom part anymore! :)
The only exception is the avionics shelves in the front - I left those holes open to make it easier to crawl inside the cone. I'll rivet them after the top skin is on.

As I prepared to rivet the longerons below the aft deck, it became apparent that the F-1011 bulkhead was rubbing against it, and that could cause damage and fracture later:
Bulkhead rubbing against longeron
As much as I hate filing and removing primer with that, the solution was to file it down so they don't touch:
Bulkhead filed clear of longeron
Not much more details to share - it was mostly repetitive riveting work.

Time lapse:

Total tailcone time: 192.9h
Total tailcone rivets: 1438

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