Elevators coming together

The elevators are finally coming together. I spent some time re-doing the parts where I had screwed up or changed my mind, such as the trim cable brackets, which I redid using the machined parts from iflyrv10 and flush rivets (instead of the original welded bracket with LP4-3s - so now the whole thing will be really flush):
Van's original welded bracket (left) and iflyrv10's machined version (right) - much better!
I also re-did the E-913 tip skin which I had mistakenly primed on the outside, as well as the trim tab horns. I'll have a primer session for these.

I chose the position for and attached the bonding strap attachment nutplates (inboard of the most inboard hinge doublers, matching the horizontal stabilizer, but clear of the doublers). The AN470AD3-4s I already had had just the right length for the attachment. This position requires an offset driver to screw/unscrew (since it's under the bent leading edge), but that shouldn't be a problem:
Installed bonding strap attachment nutplates on the front spars
Likewise, I chose the position for the static wick attachment nutplates (in order to get clearance from the opposite skin) and installed those with a doubler:
Outboard static wick doubler in place
Outboard static wick doubler, match-drilled and dimpled
Inboard static wick doubler, match-drilled and dimpled
Static wick doublers and nutplates installed (no hard rivets! All easily back-riveted)
Static wick attachment points on the top skin
Installed outboard static wick attachment nutplates
I started riveting the rear spar to the skins:
Rear spar riveted to both skins
I also started riveting the rib halves together, which wasn't as challenging as Van's manual make it sound - I was even able to reposition the tool easily:
Rib halves riveted together
Meanwhile, I finished bending the front spars to the correct angle (84˚), then riveted the root ribs and horns to them:
Riveted elevator horn
Riveted elevator horn
While riveting the elevator horns to the front spar, I had a misalignment problem just like others from VAF - fixed with a lot of patience and some brute force to bend the root rib into position.

Next I need to do a lot of the same for the right elevator, as well as finish the more challenging riveting on the rear spar, which requires a special bucking bar (plus, I now have the static wick nutplates on the way). As soon as weather allows I'll also have another primer session for the cover plates, tip skin and trim tab horns.

Time lapse:

Total elevator time: 133.6h
Total elevator rivets: 653

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