Rudder riveting

I finally got back to the rudder. I had previously assembled the spar and top rib before I ran out of rivets:

Rudder spar riveted in place
Today (now with rivets to spare) I riveted the counterbalance rib and the trailing edge:

Riveted trailing edge

"Acorn sitting in a dimple"
One of the main concerns in the manual is keeping the trailing edge straight (not bowed), which I think I managed to do:

Looks straight to me
A lot of the riveting work was made easier by a benchtop back riveting plate mount that I inherited from another RV builder - that made it trivial to support the whole rudder while back-riveting the edge:

Also, while doing this, a coworker came over and wanted to help, so he was deburring parts for the elevator.

Next step for the rudder is to bend the leading edges and install the counterbalance weight.

Time lapse:

Total rudder time: 48.5h
Total rudder rivets: 459

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