Horizontal stabilizer assembly

In the last weeks I prepared all the horizontal stabilizer parts, match-drilled the ribs and front spar, and then finally got the skins set up into the cradles and started mounting the parts in them, including the stringers.

Skins with the front spar, ribs and stringers

I got plenty of help, both from my wife and from a visiting friend:

♫ I'll fly high with a little help from my friends 
(I did install the Sonos in the garage, so now I get music while working)
Setup to bend the inboard spars by exactly 9°

Front spar + ribs assembled and drilled

Cradles for the stabilizer skins
♫ Skins in the craddle and the silver spoon ... 

Ribs mounted into the skin
Front spar and ribs mounted into the skin
Stringers mounted into the skin and ribs

Next steps are to finish clecoing all the parts to the skin, adding the rear spar assembly and final-drilling all the skin holes.

Total horizontal stabilizer time: 39.9h
Time lapse (some camera angles turned out to not be very good):

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